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I began writing a blog in 2006, before there was a proper word for it. I'm still not sure that what I do here

should be called a blog. I think of it as a sharing space for useful information I'm learning --or have already

 learned -- about the art of growing your own food. And drink! And flowers! Here I have collected some

of my favorites that deserve regular updating, with new pages added regularly. 


Thanks for stopping by! 

onions curing
Some of my 2011 onion crop, curing in the wood shed

Looking for something I’ve written, but can’t remember where? I know the feeling! In attempt to bring order to the chaos of hundreds of articles and blogs, I’ve set up Pinterest boards of my work. The categories range from permaculture and pollinators to growing onions and garlic. I hope you find my Pinterest guide easy to use and more enjoyable than reading through long lists.

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