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The e-book version of The Complete Compost Gardening Guide is on sale for $2.99 for the month of April 2014 only. Look for this special price at your favorite e-bookseller!

Books take a long, long time to write, so they are always a labor of love. I have written several by myself, had the good fortune to co-author The Compost Gardening Guide with the intrepid Deb Martin. No wonder it won a major award!

So, what do I really think of my own books, and how did each of them come to be? Those are the questions I will try to answer here. Click to the book that interests you to get the inside story. 


Starter Vegetable Gardens (Storey Publishing, 2010)

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide (Storey Publishing, 2008)

The Complete Houseplant Survival Manual (Storey Publishing, 2006)

Garden Stone (Storey Publishing, 2003)